Toys. Toys. And More Toys.

Hi, I'm Marcia, and I collect toys.

Action figures, Barbie (and other fashion) dolls, anime toys, anything that catches my eye as cute, fun, pretty, or pushes my weird buttons. I have lots of toys - I'm still cataloging, and I have around 300 dolls, 500 action figures, and more assorted stuff that isn't cataloged than you can shake a stick at.

My stuff is all out of the package with a few very notable exceptions. Yes, I play with it, or display it. Toys are for playing, even if they're in the hands of an adult. (And playing with toys is fun. You should try it sometime.)

Hints For The New Collector

All kinds of advice (mostly good) for the person just starting to collect action figures...but applies to many other collectables. Appeared in Toymania! toyzine.

What Makes A Good Action Figure?

The criteria on which I judge a figure. Appeared in Toymania! toyzine.

What They Say...What They Mean

A guide to scalper talk. Written in conjunction with some other folks.

A Toy Room Of My Own

All about the trials of setting up a toy room from scratch. Appeared on Usenet.

Collecting "Lite"

The joys of collecting for fun, and not prestige. Appeared on Usenet.

Collecting "Lite" 2

A followup to the essay above. Appeared on Usenet.

Why Toys Are Not A Good Investment

Note: I am NOT a financial professional. Appeared on Usenet.

The Questionable Achievement Awards

Each year, I keep a running tally of some of the incredible stupid, funny, and mind-blowing (and I mean that in a non-positive sense) things that the toy companies do, and end up with a set of humorous awards that I wish that I had to give them. These postings appeared on Usenet in the January following the close of the year.

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