Reprints, New Articles, Etc.

If you've enjoyed the essays and stuff on my site, and want to use them on yours, here's the basic stuff you need to know:

As stated before, all the material on this site is copyrighted by me, Marcia Bednarcyk. All rights are specifically reserved.

Please email me if you are interested in reprinting any of my writings. On the whole, I work from the following guidelines: if your site is free, I don't charge. Free site means 100% free - you don't charge for access, you don't sell anything, and you have NO ads on your site. However, if you're making money, I want to make some, too. Fair's fair. We can negotiate from there.

These are guidelines; I work individually with everyone I've written for.

I'm also open to writing new stuff, columns, or reviews for regular publications, preferably net based, but hey, any gig where people read what I write is good. My terms are pretty much as above: no charge for free, and pay for pay.

Any questions, requests, feedback, etc., email me.

If you want to know why these pages are so plain, please see my philosophy on web pages and html.

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