Personal Topics

These are a collection of essays on various unrelated personal topics. Sorry, but there isn't any "good dirt" on me here. I'm a rather private person, and I don't believe that one's whole life should be broadcast to strangers on the web. But little bits of it can be amusing.


Gross generalizations about men.

Things I Just Don't Understand (Women)

If that's not a self-explanatory title, I don't know what is.


A short essay on what we think we should be attracted to vs. what makes us happy.

Words Hurt

Short thoughts on hurtful words.

A Lesson In Abject Terror

My first (and last) experience with scuba diving.

Being Positive

Short thoughts on being positive in a negative world.


Even more short thoughts on having expectations of people.

A Short Thought On Blame

Sort of a sequel to "Expectations" above. Sort of.

Age And Discovery

Getting older doesn't mean getting wiser.

My Iron Chef Drinking Game

Yet another set of rules to drink along with everyone's favorite cooking battle.

My Rules For Life

Humorous, heart-warming, and practical.

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