Collected Writings

Over the years I've been on the internet (since 1986, if you must know), I've produced quite a lot of written words. Between posting on USENET, writing free for web and hardcopy publications, reports to people, and just various musings, I've managed to amass what might qualify as a portfolio.

The various writings are classified roughly by subject, but often they cross over. I've made subdirectories so I could link writings on one subject to my subject pages, but everyone will probably end up here in the end. Each essay has been html-ized enough to display nicely in your web browser, but is plain enough to be read easily with Lynx.

Some of these writings are very dated, but they offer a glimpse of a time that was, even if it is no more. Please don't email me and ask me if I know what year it is - I do - because I'll just laugh at you.

Please note that some of these essays concern adult topics and contain profanity. If this kind of stuff offends you, I would suggest going somewhere else and not reading any of my essays. You have been warned. (See here also for notes about language and structure of my essays.)

IMPORTANT STUFF: All the writings and essays are copyright by me, Marcia Bednarcyk. I wrote them, and for good or bad, they are mine. Even the ones that have appeared elsewhere; every time I agreed to write for a free publication, I explicitly negotiated that while the editor of the publication owned the compilation copyright, I own absolute copyright to all my work, and they may not be reproduced in any other format without my explicit permission. And that stands even for the unpublished works. (See the bottom of this page if you want to reproduce anything or better yet, want to hire me to write for you.)

If you want to reprint any of these essays, or if you want me to write something new for you, check out this link.

If you want to know why these pages are so plain, please see my philosophy on web pages and html.

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