Supplies You'll Need

In order to make the skirt, you'll need some basic supplies. I've tried to describe each item as best as possible - the staff at your local fabric/sewing supplies store should be able to help you select them if you have any difficulties. Please see my note at the bottom about metric conversions.

You Will Need:

Note On Metric Measurements: since I am in the United States, and I learned to sew here, all of my original measurements are in the Imperial system. This is how our fabric is sold, our sewing machines are calibrated, etc. I have used an online conversion site to translate my measurements into metric, rounding where appropriate.

Some of the supplies called for, like 1/4" elastic, are standards here - elastic comes in 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", etc. standard widths. Since I have never visited a sewing shop in a country which primarily uses metric measurements, I don't know what the standard widths are there. If someone would like to let me know what the proper equivalents would be, I would be more than happy to edit these pages!

Fortunately, this skirt is VERY forgiving when it comes to measurements, so a mm here or there will not make a huge difference in the outcome! But accuracy, or at least consistency, will give better results!

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