Things You'll Need To Know Before Starting

As I touched on in the Introduction, while I've done my very best to give detailed instructions on how to sew this skirt, I can't give ALL the information you'll need. If I did, it would mean that I would have to write a complete beginner sewing book and write manuals for every sewing machine ever made! Fortunately, every sewing machine manufacturer has already written a manual for every machine they make, and far better authors and seamstresses than I have written a number of very good sewing books.

So before going any further, you need the following two things:

I am specifically NOT recommending a brand of sewing machine or a particular book, because every basic sewing machine which costs $100 USD or more can do straight stitching and zigzag, and every basic sewing book I've ever looked at has contained information on grainlines and seaming.

The only recommendation I would make about sewing machines is not to give in to the temptation to believe the ad copy for the $39.99 "mini machines" which claims that "they do everything the expensive machines do, just as well!". The staff at my local fabric shop has stated that not only do they not do it as well, but they are also flimsy, their stitching is poor, and they are the number one most returned item in the store.

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