Inserting The Elastic - Part 2

Continue to draw the elastic through the casing until you reach the other end. The material will bunch up and gather on the elastic, and that's exactly what you want to have happen.

Being sure to keep a good hold on the safety pin, pin the leading edge of the elastic to the casing. Then remove the safety pin.

Set your sewing maching to a zig zag stitch, with 0 - .5 mm length and 3 mm width. Zig zag over the pin securing one end of the elastic to the casing to tack it in place. Place this tack as close as possible to the end of the elastic and casing, but not so close your machine won't sew it! Repeat at the other end of the elastic. Making these tacks makes it MUCH easier to sew up the last seam!

Remember to set your sewing machine back to straight stitching when you are done!

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