When your Yo-SD goes out to play, send him or her out in this three piece sweatsuit outfit!

Made of cotton knit, the hoodie and sweatpants have white striped down the outsides of the sleeves and legs. The sweatpants are elasticized at the waist and ankles, and are loose fitting for ease of posing.

The hoodie has a working drawstring hood, working kangaroo pockets, and fastens with a separating zipper. Cuffed at the bottom and sleeves, it can be worn open or closed, hood up or down.

The matching ringer tshirt is made of matching navy blue and white cotton tshirt knits. It fastens up the back with a discreet strip of velcro.

Please note that this outfit includes ONLY the three pieces listed above. Dolls, shoes, eyes, wigs, etc. are NOT included. Please also note that this outfit was sized to fit a Yo-SD, and while it does have a loose fit and may fit similarly sized dolls, I cannot guarantee fit on any other doll than a Volks Yo0SD.

Price: $45

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