Easy-fitting kimono-style wrap dresses designed to fit a variety of BJD bodies! The photo above shows them modeled on different dolls, so you can see many fits.

Made of various materials, each dress fastens with a long sash, which can be tied in a variety of ways: wrapped several times, tied into a bow front or back, or any way you can imagine. It can also be worn over tshirts or jeans (not included). Each outfit also includes a matching necklace designed to compliment the dress.

Price: $30 each

Please click on a thumbnail for the full sized picture! (The blue and aqua version is no longer available.)

Model: Gamine, SD 13 Nono
Materials: purple silky knit, purple/white/magenta/plum silky print trim/sash

Model: Chii, standard SD old style body
Materials: Asian fan print cotton, rose knit trim/sash

Model: Liane, SD Mimi head on old skin SD 13 L Bust body

Materials: plum blossom print cotton, black knit trim/sash (shown tied in the back for variety)

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