About Simple Dreams Dolls

Hi! My name is Marcia Bednarcyk, and I've been sewing pretty much for as long as I can remember. The first "project" I can remember was sewing a "quilt" for my dolls out of squares of felt (with HUGE running stitches so it barely held together!), which I then proceeded to ruin by washing it! Fortunately, my skills have improved dramatically since then!

I enjoy sewing for dolls because I have a lot of fun trying out new ideas in a smaller scale. The 22"/16" size is ideal - it's large enough to allow for a lot of neat details, but not so large that it takes forever! Not to mention that dolls are far more patient models than humans.

About My Doll Clothes

I do not sell any clothes that I would not want my name associated with. Period. I use fabrics that I wouldn't mind wearing. All seams and hems are finished appropriately to the garment or fabric - finishes may include lining, double roll, overlocking, single and double top stitching, and hand whipping.

Unless otherwise mentioned in the individual listing, all fabrics are washed twice - once before cutting, and once when the garment is finished. I find that this greatly reduces the possibility of staining; however, due to the varied materials used in these outfits and the various composition of individual dolls, I cannot guarantee that any particular garment will not stain any doll. If you are concerned about staining, I suggest either finding an undergarment to use between the doll and the garment, or choosing another garment.

Please note: unless specifically otherwise mentioned in the listing, the dolls, eyes, wigs, stands, shoes or any accessories are NOT included with the outfit.

About Commissions

I accept commissions on a space available basis.

Prices depend greatly on the outfit, materials, and level of detail/difficulty of each request. Prices are comparable to the ready to wear outfits available for immediate sale.

Before accepting your commission, I discuss each aspect of the outfit with you, to ensure that both you and I understand what pieces will be made, what kind of trim or details are desired, and the approximate time frame for completion. I find that time spent in clarifying the design and making sure we both understand the scope of the work makes for better results!

Once we're agreed on the specifics of the outfit, I'll let you know how much it will cost. Prices for commissions depend on the complexity of the outfit and the materials required. Prices are commensurate with my ready to wear outfits.

I require a deposit of 50% of the final cost before I start work on your outfit. I reserve the right to waive this requirement at my sole discretion.

When the outfit is finished, I'll provide pictures for you via the web. The balance of the price of the outfit, including shipping/handling/insurance, must be received (and clear, if appropriate) before I send the outfit to you.

I am willing to recreate outfits I designed that have been sold, or which I've made for my dolls, or even items that are currently for sale. But please understand that many of the fabrics I use are available only in limited quantities, and unless it's something basic like black or white cotton, when it's gone, it's gone.

While I am happy to look at pictures of outfits made by other makers as a reference for style or level of complexity, I will not make an exact copy of someone else's design. Part of the joy I take in creating outfits is using my own creativity to turn my customers' ideas into reality! For many examples of my past work, please see my Gallery of Sold Items and the gallery of my own dolls.

These are the current models I have available:

  • SD 13 girl, old skin, small bust
  • SD 13 girl, old skin, large bust
  • SD 13 boy, pure skin, half long leg (Isao Nanjou)
  • SD girl, old skin
  • SD girl, pure skin version 1 body
  • MSD girl, old body
  • MSD girl, pure skin body, longer leg

Since MSD girl and boy measurements are virtually identical, my MSD clothes fit either gender (or the asexual angel MSD body!).

There is a great deal of overlap in measurements between bodies, and my customers have told me that my clothes fit many of their dolls by other companies. However, please understand I cannot verify or guarantee fit on dolls other than the above. With the recent explosion of new doll makers, doll body proportions can vary significantly between makers.

Please email me if you are interested or have any questions!

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