Links To More Doll Information

Disclaimer: this is by NO means a comprehensive list of Dollfie/Ball Jointed Doll sites on the web. These are mostly the links I use most often, and should be considered a place to get started, not the end!

Where To Buy Dolls

Volks, Inc.
Volks' English page. Super Dollfie Information and retail site.

Doll & Hobby Shoppe
Volks' only authorized US retailer. Often gets in Dolpa limited dolls, and are truly wonderful people to work with. Unfortunately, they can sell to North America only.

Domuya is a doll shop in Singapore which carries both Volks and Customhouse Ai dolls. They can often help you get dolls that have long since been sold out, and carry good selection of clothing.

Korean Ball Jointed doll maker. Has some beautiful one of a kinds and interesting wigs and shoes.


Den of Angels
Fairly busy Yahoo Group dedicated to ball jointed dolls. A good place to catch up with the latest events and releases.

Our Silent Friends
Lower traffic Yahoo Group dedicated to ball jointed dolls, with a little less focus on Volks, and a little more focus on customizing.

The community bulletin board of Domuya (see above).

Aimee's Doll Site
Great Super Dollfie reference site, with links all over the place, and free downloadable patterns.
Reference site for Volks dolls. Lots of pictures of limited editions. In Japanese.

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