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Monique French braid wig in strawberry blonde, size 10. It's definitely for the larger headed dolls, but it's a lovely wig with a nice braid and a ribbon on the end. The style is slightly less formal, with curly wisps of hair around the face and braid for a softer look.

Miniworld dolls "Laila" wig in Strawberry Blonde, size 10/11. Removed from package only to take pictures for sale - I bought it for a doll/outfit idea that I later gave up on. The first picture shows the color with flash and without.

SD sized Brown bob wig. There are no tags and I can't remember who made it, although it may be Poshdolls because it has an elasticized cap. Beautiful brown hair in a midlength.

SD sized Beige fur handmade wig I bought on Yahoo Japan. Feels like the edges have been finished, and is easily styled with a wig brush. It's just not the right color for what I had in mind. Never worn other than for these pictures.

MSD sized Poshdolls red and black shoulder length curly wig. Even though this wig has the elasticized wig cap, it is very tight on my MSD Myu - would probably fit better on an MSD-sized doll with a smaller head (which is just about everyone!). Mostly black with some nice subtle red streaks - I tried to take the pictures to capture them well!

MSD sized Leekeworld L-005M 144/25 mixed blond wig. Blunt layered cut - shorter in front, longer in back - reaches almost to the ground! The hair is soft and silky - never worn except for the sales photo shoots! It's a lovely wig and a fantastic color, but again, just not quite right for what I was looking for.

Enchanted Eyes 14 mm color No. 21. I bought these eyes for a doll that I hadn't yet ordered, then plans changed, so I literally have no one in the house who can wear these eyes. They're really gorgeous and are brand new - taken out of the box only to be checked over and photographed. The first picture was taken with flash; the second one without. Would also consider a trade for the same eyes in 18 mm.

18 mm Miniworld flat back lavender glass eyes. They seem to run a bit on the small side - I had them in my MSD Myu and they looked great. Picture shows color with and without flash.

23 mm Masterpiece Portrait Blue soft glass (silicone) eyes (fit 22 mm eye sizes). I've tried to portray the color as accurately as possible, because their website sure didn't. They're a light blue with a little aqua in them, very pretty but absolutely the wrong color for the doll I bought them for.

SD/SD 13 white shoes, never worn. Good for nurse and similar cosplay.

SD/SD 13 shoes, unknown maker. These came in a lot of shoes I bought from Yahoo Japan, so I don't know much about them. They appear to be handmade, and if so, the person who made them did a great job! They have cork soles that feel like they've been sealed, a black corduroy-like vamp, trim around the opening, finished inside and fit very well. Just not my style, I'm afraid. Perhaps they're yours.

SD/SD 13 black suede shoes with flower snap covers, made by Volks. The strap closes with a snap for easy on and off. Another pair of shoes that came in the lot I bought, so they are used but in great condition. I'm afraid my girls have enough black heel shoes to outfit and army - an army that wanted to march in heels, I suppose.

High platformed black vinyl shoes made by Azone. They're made to fit the large Azone dolls, but also fit SD and SD13 dolls. They're a little large on, but that can be kind of cute!

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