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Oh Wow, I Won!

Blogging Project Runway, a blog for fans of the show Project Runway on Bravo TV, ran a contest for fans to recreate their favorite moment from season 2 in any medium they preferred.

From the moment I first saw the first look in Kara Janx's "decoy" collection, I was completely enamored of it, and knew I would eventually want to recreate it in doll scale (or maybe translate it?). When I read about the contest, I got my act in gear and made it happen sooner rather than later.

They announced the winner, and my jaw just dropped when I saw Gamine in the outfit on their blog page! I'm thrilled and grateful for the lovely and kind comments - and I am very, very happy :-).

(This page goes into a little more of the technical detail of the photography and has an unretouched image from the shoot.)

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