Name: Susan
Type: FCS MSD F-05

Susan is my first FCS doll, and since I'm completely enchanted with her, she probably won't be my last.

I fell in love with an MSD F-05 that a Yahoo Japan SD clothing seller uses as a model - it was one of those bolt from the blue, I just knew moments. This was very surprising, as I expected to really go for the F-04 head, or "mini Nono", since I think the Nono and Nono 13 dolls are so beautiful. I knew I was taking a risk going for the F-05, but I figured she was going to either completely disappoint me in person, or make me happier than the F-04 ever would.

Obviously, it was the latter. When I opened the box, the face was exactly, EXACTLY as I'd imagined her. It was perfect. It was love at first sight, instant bonding.

She has the H-05 hands, F-02 (tabi) feet, longer legs, and the sitting legs that allow her to sit in that splay legged pose that your mother always told you was so bad for you. I had her sanded, and she poses so beautifully it's amazing.

Susan is shy, quiet, rather feminine, and prefers to watch rather than be in the thick of things. She likes dressing in frilly outfits, which is great, since Kit turned out to be quite the tomboy.

Susan's spring dress, done up in frills and ribbons. I saw this fabric and just *knew* what it had to be. Fortunately, purple is one of Susan's colors!

Susan's holiday outfit, in the frilly style I think she wears so well.

Outside on a glorious summer day

Susan's first very bad pictures.

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