Name: Ria
Type: SD Ria

Have you ever looked at a picture of a doll and said to yourself "That's my dolly."? That's what happened to me when I saw Ria. I didn't like her default wig, eyes, or outfit, but I loved her face - and bonded with her instantly when she arrived.

Ria is another quiet doll, a little younger than the others (but not as young as Kit!). She prefers to watch rather than act, and likes wearing pretty clothes. She's learning from Gamine, though, and who knows what she'll eventually get into?

Ria's currently wearing a Monique wig (with a couple of tucks taken in the back to make it fit better) and Eyeco 21mm Royal Blue eyes.

I'm sure no one's noticed, but I've changed her name from "Rhea" back to "Ria", because that's how I always think of her.

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Rhea's poncho is from one of the Martha Stewart poncho make-alike patterns, just made in roughly 1/3 scale. It has exactly the same number of stitches as a full size one! I really like it with the flare striped jeans.

Rhea's new eyes: Antique Rose #8. They look nothing like Antique Rose's picture of them, which I don't mind, since this is the color I was looking for!

Rhea's new dress - white linen printed with purple flowers, and trimmed with pearls that were a part of my grandmother's estate.

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