Name: Liane
Type: F-13/Mimi Head on a Large Bust SD 13 Body

Shortly after getting Gamine, I realized I'd fallen in love the the F-13/Mimi head. It's really sad when you look at lots of auctions on Yahoo Japan, and realize that almost every time you find a head that you like it's the same mold. I figured I was trying to tell myself something :-).

I bought her SD-13 body on Yahoo Japan, and it came already sanded and the fingers separated. I never realized what a difference this makes, especially with the SD 13 hands - they are so graceful! Eventually I'd like to sand/separate the rest of my dolls, but it will be a long term project.

Liane is turning out to be more mature and adult than expected, very quiet, graceful, and thoughtful. No frills for her - she really likes tailored clothing and classic pieces. Her nickname is "Meems", short for "Mimi", her head type.

Liane models a twinset made of a pointelle knit, with pearl bead buttons.

A more casual look for Liane - a cotton campshirt and a pair of trousers in the most glorious olive green microsuede. The shoes were a gift from a friend.

Liane's new Antique Rose eyes, #19 Ultramarine. They're darker than the official photographs, sort of a light midnight blue. I love them in her!

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