Name: Kit (officially short for Katherine)
Type: MSD Myu

Most of the standard Mini Super Dollfies (MSD) come with some assembly required, so what better name for such a doll than "Kit"? My husband and I sanded her before putting her together - the resin sands up SO nicely that it's really worth the trouble! Not to mention the lovely look of separated fingers and toes.

Even though Kit is officially short for "Katherine", Kit will go by nothing else. She's not so much a trouble maker as high spirited, mischievous, and endlessly curious. She's definitely the little sister to my other dolls, unlike Gamine, who gives me dirty looks when she's wearing something she doesn't like, Kit doesn't care, as long as it doesn't get in her way.

She's wearing her default Myu wig, and has green 16mm HG eyes.

Kit in her new winter outfit. I'd planned this outfit for her pretty much since I found the perfect plaid flannel, and I finally got around to making it! I think it's just her style - about as formal as she's ever comfortable with!

Blouse has machine embroidery on the sleeves and collar; jeans are a narrow wale corduroy.

"Aw, posing for pictures is BORING. I just wanna play with my teddy bear."

Kit in her strawberry dress.

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