Name: Ian
Type: SD 13 Isao Nanjou

Ian is my first boy SD...mostly because he's the first boy who actually looked unmistakeably MALE to me. (Sorry, I'm old school, I like my men to look like men!) It was pretty obvious to me from the start that not only does he like women, he's a player - I don't think he's going to settle down with any one girlfriend, but flirt and play the field.

Navy blue blazer, white dress shirt, red tie, khakis. Talk about a traditional dress outfit! The blazer has working flap welt pockets, and the khakis have slash pockets in front, double welt pockets in back.

Modeling a commissioned outfit - the SD 13 boy's outfit from Volks Pattern Book 3.

Looking very "Duran Duran" in a poshdolls wig I restyled significantly.

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