Project Runway Photoshoot

Above is one of the images that my husband shot for my entry in the Blogging Project Runway contest. Unlike the one submitted for the contest, this one has had no post-production work on it :-).

The angles of the background, the runway, and the audience were chosen for to force the perspective to make the runway look at least partially as long as the one in the tents at Bryant park. This is also why there are different sized dolls in the audience - I've been collecting dolls for awhile and have, uh, a lot of them. While post-production work (thanks again, Sweetie!) added effects and forced the perspective even more, like most artistic endeavors, you need to have good raw material to start with.

My model, Gamine, is a Super Dollfie Nono 13 made by Volks, Inc. of Japan. She is a resin ball jointed doll, 60 cm (22") tall, strung with elastic so she is extremely poseable. These dolls are made to be customized - their wigs and eyes are easily changed, and their faces can be repainted for many different looks. While the Nono 13 mold is no longer in standard production, Volks has others which are, and a store in the US from which many are available.

Other companies also make resin ball jointed dolls, and the dolls also come in a number of other sizes. The best place to find general information is this ball jointed doll FAQ.

The dolls in the audience include vintage 6" Dawn dolls by Topper, modern re-released Dawn dolls, Sailor Moon 6" dolls by Irwin and Bandai, 27 cm Jenny dolls by Takara, Barbie and Ken dolls by Mattel (including Rosie O'Donnell and Earring Magic Ken), Sindy by Hasbro, and two other Super Dollfies. Not all of them ended up in the final image, but they all enjoyed the show (or at least sat there watching quietly).

I translated the outfit to doll scale from the few pictures I was able to find online. Although I'm not sure what fabrics Ms. Janx used in the original, I'm very sure I didn't use the same ones! Each layer is finished with a narrow zigzag and the bodice is lined. The hat is crocheted instead of knitted because I crochet and don't knit :-). No, I didn't make the shoes :-).

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