Name: Gamine
Type: Volks Nono SD 13

Gamine is my first ball jointed doll, and she will always hold a special place in my heart! She still wears her original Volks makeup, eyes, and wig, mostly because I think she is just perfect the way she arrived.

I named her Gamine because of her elfin, mischievous expression, which has completely won me over. However, her nickname is "Nones" (pronounced "nohns", long o, one syllable), and it's what I usually call her.

Gamine prefers to wear sexier clothing without being trampy. She's definitely NOT into ruffles and cute little dresses, although she will dress up on occasion if required. She's also not 100% sure she likes having sisters around, but sees the possibilities.

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Gamine after seeing the doll doctor at the Volks Tea Party in Los Angeles. They are amazing -she can now stand unaided, which she never could do even when she was new. I'm in love with her all over again.

More pictures from the tea party and the visit to the Volks store the day after. My commentary and more pictures are here.

"Yeah, I have a teddy bear. So what?"

"Being a 'lady' is for wimps."

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