Name: Eldon
Type: Yo-SD Piccolo

Eldon is...well, Eldon. I'm not entirely sure how he came to live here (probably had something to do with the Volks Dolpa 14 lottery, though), and he's not, either. He's definitely a little kid, he definitely likes to get into things, and even though neither of us was sure about this situation he decided he'd like to stay.

Eldon is a derivative of "LD", which stands for "Little Dude", which is what I called him before he arrived. My husband morphed it into "Eldon", and so that's what he became.

Eldon also went along to the Volks Tea Party, along with Gamine, where he kept trying to get into trouble. More commentary and pictures are here.

This is Eldon. Eldon is six.

Eldon is not 100% sure about this whole modeling thing.

Especially when he was told that he'd probably have to model girls' clothes once in awhile.
"Girls are ICKY! They have COOTIES!"

So one day, just before bedtime, Eldon was offered a bribe friend who would never forget that Eldon was Eldon, no matter what he was dressed in.

Eldon and Snowflake became fast friends, which was a good thing since Eldon refused to let Snowflake go.

And so Eldon decided it wasn't so bad here after all, since now he had Snowflake to plan adventures with.
"But can't I have some army men, too?"

And one more Eldon shot, because he's so cute:

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