Denver/Boulder Doll Gathering, February, 2006

There are a lot more BJD collectors in Colorado now! A whole mess of us descended on Broomfield, and had a fun afternoon playing with dolls, talking about dolls, swapping information about dolls, and laughing a whole lot. It was a great opportunity to meet everyone and to see so many new dolls - they often look so different in person. I thought I'd taken more pictures - while I did take a lot for me, I didn't take as many as others, so if I missed your doll, it was probably because I was too busy looking and playing with them!

This is a sei tenshi, and I want one! I have got to win that lottery!

Three Nonos of different types.

Hound got around - he had fun posing with a lot of different girls.

These last 4 were from the massive group shot - there were about 50 dolls total, and all were just wonderful!

And one from after:

Gamine showing off her new bracelet, one of the really nifty gifts she received in the Valentine's Day Swap we had at the meet!

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