Volks Tea Party And After Events - August, 2006

Volks held a Customer Appreciation Event/Tea Party on August 5, 2006. Since we were in desperate need of a vacation, this seemed like a perfect excuse to go visit southern California (and tack a few days in Las Vegas on at the end, but there were no doll events there). As usual, clicking on the thumbnails will bring up a bigger version.

We stayed at the Doubletree LAX, which had a couple of advantages: it was close to the airport, it was reasonably priced, it was a reasonably nice hotel, and it shared a parking structure with Mattel's world headquarters, which I didn't know when I booked it. As a long time Barbie collector, this is like opening an oyster and finding a whole necklace's worth of pearls. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything I absolutely had to have in their store, but just being there tickled me pink. Barbie pink.

The Goodyear Blimp was also flying around nearby. I got a picture from our hotel room.

The new FCS elf eared heads. I liked the F-30, the F-29 is nice, and unfortunately the F-31 has an upper lip that I just can't get over.

All the one offs and the auction Madoka. No, I don't remember what each one was, and I didn't try for any. They were all lovely, but none screamed BUY ME.

They also had some other FCS dolls there in sunlight as examples - sunlight is available for all FCS dolls through October, not just the elves. This sunlight Yori was simply stunning.

Gamine, my SD 13 Nono, after her visit to the doll doctor. The doll doctors were *amazing*. They knew all about tension and stringing and where to shave off just a little bit of resin to make the parts work better together. They removed some of her sprue inside and glued down the "duck" in her head which makes her head pose like a dream. This is Gamine standing all on her own - something she's never really been able to do.

Meanwhile, Eldon tried to get into trouble going where he wasn't supposed to go.

"I wasn't doin' nuthin'!"

Mr. Shigeta about to start calling the bingo game.

Gamine played along, but wasn't any luckier than I was. Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

After the party some folks met up at the Embassy Suites Hotel. We were all pretty tired, so we sat the dolls down and talked for awhile. I don't remember too much about all this - it's pretty much a blur. There were a lot of nice dolls and some of the one offs were there!

The next day, we all got up bright and early (or at least early) and got ourselves over to the Volks store. It's in an industrial park, which meant plenty of parking and a very quiet area on Sunday morning, for which I was grateful. There were plenty of chairs set up - I think they were expecting a larger crowd like there was for the opening, but a lot of the locals were waiting a couple of weeks before going in and ordering FCS. Which was very nice for those of us from out of town!

Gamine was "interviewed" by Mercy's doll (whose name I also can't remember, but who is a Lady Sylvie and very lovely) while we were waiting.

As usual, Eldon was bored.

But Eldon made a new friend who was telling him all about blowing things up. Like Eldon needs more ways to get into trouble.

Gamine took advantage of the southern California sunshine to catch some rays.

And to make a new friend.

So did Anais. The wait just to shop in the store wasn't long in the morning, and wasn't there at all in the afternoon. The wait for FCS was long, so we waited outside where the weather was downright pleasant.

Eldon, as usual, did find SOME way to get into trouble.

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