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WARNING! My wants contain spoilers!!

About Trades, Sales, And Offers

The cels I am actively interested in selling are in my For Sale section. I am not actively trying to sell any of the others.

However, if you think you have an offer that contains enough cash to make me change my mind, you can go ahead and email me. Please don't waste your time or mine on lowball offers - I'm not desperate to part with my cels. Please don't ask me how much I'll take for a cel. An offer means you tell me what it's worth to you.

Please understand that even if your offer is generous, I may still turn it down. (My Neflite cels, the BGC 2040 cels, and the cels on my favorites page aren't going anywhere.) Please see my For Sale section for information on payment methods, shipping, and insurance before offering.

From Sailor Moon:

From Bubblegum Crisis 2040:

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